Writer’s Block….

How to Get Un-Stuck

It happens to all writers sooner or later. Yep, you know it. Writer’s Block.

It’s as frustrating as all get out. You stare at your computer screen and nothing, absolutely nothing wants to form into a coherent scene or sentence.

Somedays, writing is like magic. You’re in the zone. Your every thought materializes on the screen. Your characters are speaking to you, leading the way to your bestselling novel. And then the next day. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So what can you do to get “unstuck”?

Freeform aka Brainstorm: Write anything. Type anything. Random thoughts. Nothing is good or bad. Don’t judge, just write. The nature of brainstorming is to put down whatever comes out without judging. Do this for about five minutes. Then, go back and take a look. You may have an idea there that you can build on.

Intentional Creativity: Start with a lead sentence or a word. Call a friend and ask for one word. Then, build upon it. Open a book to a random page. Read one sentence and then carry the story on from there. The idea is to get your mind off of puzzling over one idea and distract it by working on something else. Thus, unblocking you to return to the original subject fresh as a daisy later on.

Try something new: Don’t sit there and stare at the screen. Challenge yourself to get out of your pajamas, get dressed and go do something. Challenge your brain and body by trying something new. It could be an exercise class that engages your mind and your muscles. It could be learning new a skill like knitting that engages you brain and your hands. The idea is to get your creative juices flowing by challenging your brain to take on new tasks. Thus stimulating overall brain activity.

Try a different kind of writing: If you are a technical writer try creative writing. If you write poetry and prose try writing a research piece. The idea is to grow your talent while letting your mind take a break from the problem or idea that you are blocked on.

These tips have worked for me in the past and I hope they work for you.

Good news! I am now unstuck. Back to my regularly scheduled writing….